Meadows Credit Union Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

With an Individual Retirement Account from MCU, your life will be the stuff dreams are made of. 

IRAs are one of the smartest, most tax-efficient ways to save for retirement. IRAs are designed to encourage savings for the future with the incentive of tax-deferred growth.

Now may be a good time to review how much you want to invest yearly in an IRA. Learn more about which IRA plan may be the best choice for your retirement goals by calling us today.   

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Traditional IRA

Contributions to a Traditional IRA will reduce your taxable income in the year the contribution is made, which cuts your income tax bill. The account is considered “tax-deferred” because you won’t pay taxes on dividends until you begin to withdraw funds at retirement.


Roth IRA

Save now with after-tax money. Your contributions (not earnings) can be withdrawn penalty-free at any time.


Rollover IRAs

Are your retirement fund accounts here, there, and everywhere? If you still have retirement funds with past employers, we can help you simplify and bring all of your accounts under one roof.


MCU IRA Features:

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Competitive Rates

Choose either from an IRA Savings Account or Savings Certificate with competitive rates.

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Free Online and Mobile Banking Access

Your MCU account is as near your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

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Safe and Secure

Your money is safe and secure - backed by National Credit Union Administration insurance up to $500,000.


Account Type
Dividend Rate
Minimum Balance
Account Type IRA Savings
Dividend Rate 0.03%
APY 0.03%
Minimum Balance $1
IRA Savings: Dividend Rates and Annual Percentage Yields (APY) may change at any time. Accounts are compounded monthly. Maintenance fees may reduce earnings.

Certificates & IRA Certificates

Dividend Rate
Minimum Balance
Term 1 Year
Dividend Rate 0.15%
APY 0.15%
Minimum Balance $500
Term 3 Years
Dividend Rate 0.35%
APY 0.35%
Minimum Balance $500
Term 4 Years
Dividend Rate 0.50%
APY 0.50%
Minimum Balance $500
Term 5 Years
Dividend Rate 0.60%
APY 0.60%
Minimum Balance $500
Term 2 Years
Dividend Rate 0.25%
APY 0.25%
Minimum Balance $500
MCU Saving Certificate (Term) Accounts: The Annual Percentage Yield assumes funds and accrued dividends stay on deposit until maturity. Dividend Rate is fixed for the term of the certificate.  A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.