Meadows Credit Union Christmas Club Account

Give yourself a present this year by saving a little each month.

Having this separate account for holiday expenses helps to ensure funds won’t get spent for other things throughout the year. When you unwrap your Christmas Club Account in November, you’ll have plenty of money to get through your shopping list.

Add money to this account weekly or monthly via automatic transfer from your checking account, payroll deduction or MCU Online and Mobile Banking.

  • Earn dividends throughout the year. Check today's rates >
  • Funds are available for withdrawal October 1st until January 31st each year.
  • Free online and mobile banking access - your MCU account is as near as your smartphone or tablet with mobile banking, and get secure online access with MCU Online Banking
  • Your money is safe and secure - backed by NCUA insurance up to $250,000
Open a Christmas Club Account today online or by visiting Meadows Credit Union