Meadows Credit Union's Certificate Savings Accounts

Watch your money grow with a Meadows Credit Union certificate account.  

Certificates can be an important part of your savings plan. You choose the term of your certificate from one to five years and let it grow over time. The longer the term, the higher your dividend rate.  Plus, MCU's Certificate Accounts may be used for Savings or IRA Savings.

Benefits of a MCU Certificate Account:

  • Has a fixed rate for a fixed amount of time
  • Less risky compared to other investment options
  • Competitive rates to help you earn more on your investment
  • Helps you save and budget for short-term and/or long-term goals
To open a MCU Certificate Account or for more information, call us today or visit Meadows Credit Union.

MCU Certificate Savings Account Features:

Earn a Competitive Rate

Earn more on your Certificate with our Competitive Rates to help you grow your money.

Mobile Banking
Free Online and Mobile Banking Access.

Your MCU account is as near as your smartphone or tablet with Mobile Banking and get secure online access with with MCU Online Banking.

Secure and Safe
Safe and Secured

Your money is safe and secure since MCU is backed by the NCUA which insures up to $250,000.

Certificates & IRA Certificates

Dividend Rate
Minimum Balance
Term 1 Year
Dividend Rate 0.15%
APY 0.15%
Minimum Balance $500
Term 3 Years
Dividend Rate 0.35%
APY 0.35%
Minimum Balance $500
Term 4 Years
Dividend Rate 0.50%
APY 0.50%
Minimum Balance $500
Term 5 Years
Dividend Rate 0.60%
APY 0.60%
Minimum Balance $500
Term 2 Years
Dividend Rate 0.25%
APY 0.25%
Minimum Balance $500
MCU Saving Certificate (Term) Accounts: The Annual Percentage Yield assumes funds and accrued dividends stay on deposit until maturity. Dividend Rate is fixed for the term of the certificate.  A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.