Develop Benefits For Your Company and Employees

Financial Solutions – at no additional cost

Management faces challenges to maintain a healthy, happy, productive work force. And employees are looking for the tools and services to build a better financial picture for today and the future.

At Meadows Credit Union, we are an excellent financial resource for your staff and for your company to round out your benefits plan at no additional cost. Traditionally, credit unions were thought as the place to deposit a few dollars each payday. Today, we can do just about any type of financial service you need!

Start Banking Happy!

Benefits To Your Company:

Improved Productivity

Lessening financial stress helps boost productivity.

Easy to Administer

MCU is a benefit that is easy to administer into your workplace.

Benefits to your Bottom Line

An added benefit that doesn't strain your bottom line.

Benefits For Your Employees:

Free Checking with Direct Deposit

Get your money instantly on pay day with direct deposit. Plus, earn dividends over time and save more!

Visa Credit Card
Low Rate Visa Credit Cards

Because we're a non-profit financial institution, our focus is to help you Bank Happy by offering better rates and services.

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On-site Investment Adviser Representative

Our on-site investment adviser can help you with any financial assistance you need to Bank Happy.

Meadows Credit Union Loan Information
Loans Including Auto, Home and Personal

Get the right loan you need at a low rate so you can Bank Happy and Live Happy.

Money Market Information
Investments Including Money Markets

We provide a variety of investments to save for short and long term goals.